discover jailbreak iphone 5

The design is really awesome, in my case it is the iPhone 5 White, the contrast between white and silver is really effective, as it were, anyone who sees it is amazed, just have to go in to check Metro de Madrid, the product enters the eye. Very fast with that expression could define the operation of the iPhone. Almost instantly responds to your commands no microscopic lag we were used to the iPhone 4S and 4, here everything is instant.



As for graphics I tested the device with one of the few games that currently can take much of the performance of the new graphics GPU, the Need For Speed ​​Most Wanted. Stay really impressed .. I get to ask you What portable consoles still exist if the trend of the smartphone will be this? Improved jailbreak iphone 5 with respect to a point 4S, at least in my case I have noticed some improvement, the average device lasts me about 7 hours of use and 18 hours standby with my use (the occasional game, iMessage, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter and some retouching with iPhoto. not the best battery market far but has improved slightly.



A controversial issue by the famous camera effect by targeting with light bulbs ("lens flare") have to say that if there is no care and monitors (Especially at night) where you focus if the effect is playing, but it's as easy as point another way so that everything is solved.